Conduct and prepare a needs assessment

-Given numerous considerations—and the unique circumstances of communities of every size across the country—it is important to understand that there is no single method of alert and notification that meets the needs of every portion of every community in every situation.  We will research and develop a community survey and master plan for your community or facility at no charge.

Acoustic Surveys and Studies

-Based upon FEMA Technical Bulletin 2.0, we conduct sound pressure levels of ambient noise to determine the proper level of notification needed at each area.  When existing equipment is in place for notification, a sound pressure measurement is then also taken from that device to evaluate its true level and distance of notification.  Once completed, the community is then provided topographical maps indicating each siren with its true level of notification based on FEMA guidelines. 

Equipment Evaluation

-Our team of RF engineers and Master Electricians are some of the most highly trained and specialized in the industry.  We will diagnose and evaluate every component in your Outdoor Warning System consisting of but not limited to:  inspection and identification, performance of equipment, reliability of equipment, frequency spectrum identification, coverage evaluation of existing RF system in all communication channels and propagation study of base to each field site with full documentation. 

Turn-Key Installation and Project Management

-As the largest Mass Notification Systems Distributor in the Midwest, we have the experience coordinating, installing and servicing systems ranging in size from 1-180+ Outdoor Warning Sirens.  We handle the entire project from the design phase to full equipment operation.  Frontline has a proven record of dedication and service to our outdoor warning customers throughout Midwest.

Annual Maintenance

Our service staff is dedicated to ensuring all aspects of your Warning Systems are operating correctly.  We offer full diagnostics of equipment, yearly maintenance and adjustments and battery replacement.  Frontline is equipped to service any type of Mass Notification Equipment including Electro-Mechanical Sirens, Full Motor Driven/Compressor Style Civil Defense Equipment and all Electronic Sirens.  Our Service vehicles include a 50ft Bucket Truck and an 80ft Bucket Truck, both with material handlers for any scenario.  Call us for a Service Quote on your equipment.