Outdoor Warning Sirens

Frontline Warning Systems is the Midwest Master Distributor for Whelen Engineering Mass Notification Systems.   Since 1952, Whelen Engineering has provided safety equipment for Police, Fire, EMS, and DOT professionals as well as the world’s bestselling FAA lighting equipment.  In the early 1970’s, Whelen Engineering expanded its capabilities to provide Mass Notification and Early Warning Systems utilizing the most advanced equipment available.  Over 40 years later, Whelen Engineering Mass Notification Products are the most durable, longest lasting and most trusted brand by our Military both domestic and deployed as well as Nuclear Facilities and currently consist of over 24,000 Early Warning Community systems in the USA alone.  Whelen Engineering is 100% designed and made in the USA with both ISO9001 and FAA certification for excellence.  No other Manufacturer in the Warning Systems industry meets both requirements.  Whelen designs and manufacturers every siren to meet a minimum 20 year life cycle of unlimited use.

Whelen’s Omni-Directional Sirens with Digital Voice produce clear, highly intelligible audio to distances over 12,000ft which have been evaluated by independent laboratories.  These sirens incorporate traditional warning tones but also add the ability and advantage of informing the public of the situation.  From impending severe weather, amber alerts, toxic material release, shelter in place scenario, evacuations and other emergency situations, Whelen’s WPS Sirens combine technology and innovation to provide the most effective form of notifying the public.

Depending on the amount of coverage needed, the WPS series has a two 12VDC battery system and a four 12VDC battery system, both of which incorporate the temperature compensated battery charging system to eliminate the need for warming blankets and additional maintenance.  AC and Solar options available.  The WPS series siren is completely maintenance free.

One of our most popular Whelen sirens, the VORTEX Series siren comes in a few sizes for covering areas from 5000ft to over 12,000ft making it one of the most powerful sirens available anywhere. The speaker utilizes multiple 400 watt drivers designed exclusively for high-power outdoor warning and rated for continuous use.  The VORTEX Series Siren operates from two 12VDC batteries that are charged from a temperature compensated battery charger which can be powered by AC or Solar. The siren's rotor oscillates the Siren Head at 2RMP and does not require preventative maintenance as it is a sealed gear-to-gear drive.