Military Giant Voice

Rapid readily accessible communication provides for security, safety and effective operations in any organization. Giant Voice systems are mass notification equipment that sends warning tones, music such as bugle calls and reveille through Radio, Wireless, Ethernet or landline systems to permanently installed arrays. In addition, this system is capable of broadcasting voice messages that are prerecorded and live public address in real-world force protection applications. 

Frontline's integrated Mass Notification Systems deliver Military installations with the ability to rapidly communicate both outside and inside of buildings on a base or facility. Whether from an operations control center or portable activation unit, simple activation delivers clear and intelligible voice instructions across numerous platforms including: Outdoor Giant Voice Systems, Indoor Public Address, Mobile Units, Telephone Alerting and On-Base devices.  Altogether, components activate instantaneously, saving valuable manpower and time when you need to alert quickly and urgently.

 Mobile/tactical equipment also available.