Industrial Notification Systems

From Explosion Proof Notification Applications to Emergency Communications Systems, Frontline Warning Systems offers a wide range of products and services, providing safety and security to industrial facilities.
In the event of a natural disaster, chemical release, HAZMAT spill or perimeter breech, our proven reliable Life Safety and Mass Notification Systems  enable emergency and security managers to provide critical audible and visual messages that are specific to the situation, specific to the area affected and in real time.

Industrial Applications:

Process Shutdown

Emergency and Security Alerts  - For indoor and outdoor evacuation and warnings, protect, alert and inform employees,  visitors and the public within surrounding areas of the dangerous situation.

 Emergency management – Mobilize key personnel and first responders such as police, fire,  and EMS teams

 Work Shift Changes - Send notifications to employees to update work schedules.

 Alarm and Emergency Signaling

Continuity of operations - Relay critical information internally and externally during times of crisis, reducing the time it takes to return to normal operations.

Weather alerts and power outages – Notify personnel of power outages or severe weather conditions

Closings/Openings - Communicate plant closings and openings